The Renovation

Hidden House today is a perfect getaway for cyclists and their families but when we bought the place at the start of 2017 it was far from the case. The potential was certainly there with the excellent location, private courtyard and secure garage but the state of the place was certainly showing its age.

Owned by an old lady who hadn’t even been upstairs for a number of years there was certainly a lot of renovation needed. Not to mention the fact that the (now master bedroom) upstairs didn’t have neither a window nor a door (just a curtain!) and the 1950’s electricity installation and the lovely pink bathroom were the most modern features of the house…..

Six months of solid renovation later we now had a modern 2 bedroom house with a new bathroom, kitchen, floors, windows, heaters, lights etc and of course completely new electricity throughout. The idea was to combine modern with touches of the charm of the past so we opened up the ceiling to expose the beams (and to add insulation – there was none), added modern lighting and used classic cement tiles on the stairs, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.


Finally, the place was ready to be used again and enjoyed as it should be with 2 modern and spacious bedrooms, open plan living/kitchen and a fully renovated bathroom.

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